What does membership mean?

Membership in the HNRN requires a commitment from you or your institution to the research objectives of the network.



Institutional Members:

A designated Site Investigator is required for each Institutional Member.  The Site Investigator will serve as the primary representative of the Institutional Member site and will provide leadership and direction for the other staff members at that site.  A Site Investigator will:

  • attend at least one HNRN meeting a year, and make every effort to participate in meetings to represent the Institutional Member’s site regarding policies and decisions
  • hire and supervise one or more Research Assistants at the Institutional Member’s site
  • oversee data collection at the Institutional Member's site
  • ensure local IRB or Ethics Review Boards have reviewed and approved the participation of the Institutional Member in HNRN and that renewals are completed each year with copies of each approval and renewal sent to the HNRN Coordinating Center

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